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  • Data is not priced properly because data creators do not own it
  • Privacy-as-a-Service is a mechanism that allows users to monetize their private data
  • Nautilus is based on Trusted Execution Environment (TEEs), which provide strong, hardware-enforced, and remotely attestable guarantees of data and execution confidentiality.
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  • Nautilus lets users own their data and allows fully-fledged data analytics over private data
  • Users can grant others data access for specific use cases and only those
  • Users can revoke data access with no loss of privacy
Third Parties

Third Parties

Platform to connect with data owners and code providers to execute data analytics on private data

Data Owners

Data Owners

Cloud storage with the additional ability to license their data for specific uses

Code Providers

Code providers

Platform to license the
use of their code

Our Products

Nautilus Trusted Compute

Nautilus Trusted Compute is a confidential computing platform that allows third parties to execute code over highly sensitive datasets without exposing the data, while providing strong ownership, control, and privacy guarantees for data owners.

Nautilus Wallet

Nautilus Wallet is a personal data wallet that uses confidential computing technology to give users the ability to hold a variety of digital assets without needing to own a smartphone, and without the loss of control and ownership associated with traditional custodial wallets.

This makes Nautilus Wallet a prime candidate to provide universal access to central bank digital currencies and digital rights tokens.

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